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해외 산업용설비와 관련된 설비의 국내제작 서비스
Combined drawing machine
  - Crown tiltable carousel pay off reel
- Coil opening & prestraightening machine
- Pre straightening machine
- Guide trough
- Multi guide tube, sound abated
- Two way delivery table
- Receiving cradle with scales and reject cradle
- 기타 부대설비 및 치구류
Off line 2-roll straightening & polishing machine
  - Loading table
- Entry magazine
- Exit magazine
- Receiving cradle

Bar chamfering machine
Induction heating equipment
Wire heat treatment equipments
  (Annealing, Austenitizing, Quenching,Tempering, Diffusion,Stress Relieving)
Galvanizing and metal coating equipment
  (Zinc, Galfan and Aluminizing)

Pickling & coating system
  (Borax, Phosphating and Lime)

해외 산업용 설비의 컨설팅
해외 도입설비의 국내 컨설팅
국내 Plant의 해외 컨설팅

설비의 설치 및 시운전


    - 신병철 이사, 이민석 차장

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