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Heat treatment
Fluidbed Furnace
  - Annealing and Tempering stress relieving
patenting & Quenching
Austenitizing Furnace
  - Direct Fired Muffle and Tube Quenching
Oil Tempering Lines

Galvanizing and Coating Technology
Ceramic Lined Galvanizers
  - Immersion Burner Top Heated
Steel kettle Galvanizers
  - Recirculating and side fired
Aluminizing and Galfan systems
Vertical Gas and Charcoal wiping towers

Cleaning systems ( Pickling)
High turbulence multi-stage pickling
Caustic cleaning and rinsing
Fluxing, Coating and pre-cleaning tanks
Phosphate and borax coating
  - Ceramic sinker assemblies
- Pad wiping systems

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